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Intercultural Training: Course List

In-company training for private and public organizations

Here are just some examples of possible training topics. All intercultural training is provided in-company whereever you need it. Scope and content will be adjusted to your needs. Our certified trainers are available worldwide in 12 languages.

Courses for everyone (general audience)

Intercultural Communication & Competence

Understand and compare foreign cultures - develop communication strategies!
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Intercultural Communication in Virtual Teams

Improve your interaction on long distance with team members from foreign cultures
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Negotiating in a Foreign Environment

Develop the cross-cultural communication skills to negotiate appropriately with your international business partners
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Dealing with Unconscious Bias

How the brain tricks us when we meet colleagues and business partners
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Living and Working in India

Intercultural training for Westerners moving to India
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Courses for leaders, HR professionals, and executives

Valuing Difference

Create an environment that brings out the best in all team members!
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Leading Diverse Teams

Module 2.3 of the International Leadership Development Program
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Transforming Organizational Culture

Module 3.4 of the International Leadership Development Program
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Intercultural Project Management

Reduce the cross-cultural conflicts in your international project team!
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