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Bullying and Discrimination in the Workplace

Prevent bullying and discrimination and create an inclusive work environment!

Interpersonal conflicts in the workplace can have far-reaching implications, from loss of productivity to legal action. It is therefore vital that leaders can create a workplace atmosphere that avoids such situations. This course provides you with the skills and knowledge to identify bullying and discriminatory behavior, understand the legal requirements surrounding these, and can act to prevent such cases.

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Workplace bullying and discrimination can greatly affect the lives of those affected by these and managers have a responsibility to prevent and end such incidents. The effects can range from psychological distress and decreased productivity from the victim to legal ramifications for the company.

Given today’s diverse workplaces, in which people from varied backgrounds work together, managers face a challenge in ensuring mutual understanding of different perspectives, needs, and experiences. Employees’ attitudes towards the “other” shape their perceptions and interactions and greatly affect the team culture and working atmosphere.

It is vital that managers are aware of the difference between bullying and harassment and understand their responsibilities regarding each. Furthermore, they must have the skills not just to prevent such instances but to actively build an inclusive team culture and working environment in which all employees feel secure and valued. Therefore, strong communication and conflict de-escalation skills should be paired with an understanding of employees’ perceptions of themselves and their colleagues.

Through this course, participants will develop their understanding of managers’ responsibilities through case studies and best practice examples regarding bullying and discrimination. Participants will also develop strategies for conflict de-escalation that they can use alongside teambuilding skills to ensure a sustainable, healthy and inclusive work environment that benefits all employees.

Topics discussed:

  • Definitions of bullying and discrimination
  • Managers’ responsibilities
  • Team culture and working atmosphere
  • Recognizing our biases and their effect on how we see others
  • Methods to counter the effects of our biases
  • Dealing with the “other” – how strange is the “other” really?
  • Dealing with conflicts and disputes
  • Steps for successful interaction in diverse teams

This course is ideal for:

  • All managers who want to increase their understanding of the legal context surrounding bullying and discrimination
  • Managers at all levels
  • Anyone who wants the base-level understanding to create a workplace bullying and discrimination policy

Your benefits:

  • Create a welcoming workplace environment in which all employees feel secure
  • Prevent bullying and discrimination
  • Avoid employees’ psychological distress and productivity decreases caused by workplace bullying
  • Avoid potential legal action because of workplace discrimination

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