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Intercultural communication as well as Diversity & Inclusion are key topics of adult education and human resource management. This specialized Train-the-Trainer Course provides you with an in-depth theoretical foundation, ready-to-go training methods, and practical teaching skills.

Private and public sector institutions need intercultural and/or diversity trainings for a number of reasons. Among many others, the situations in which professional intercultural trainers will help include
  • international assignments of staff members
  • building multinational project groups
  • integrating international employees at the local workplace
In any case, trainers must be able to effectively communicate intercultural and diversity topics and provide instruction for groups of international participants.

BAMIK is a leading provider of Train-the-Trainer courses with a focus on intercultural topics and diversity. With great success, we have been conducting our modular program continuously since 2010. As a certified intercultural trainer you will show your clients that you have the know-how to develop target-group oriented and sustainable training formats.

Our successful alumni include numerous freelance or employed trainers focusing on a wide range of topics. Intercultural competence is a cross-section of skills required in a wide range of situations. And this wide range is reflected in the versatility of fields in which intercultural trainers may work.

The Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course is ideal for 

  • Intercultural trainers, coaches and consultants: Do you want to demonstrate your training competence to the market – whether at the beginning of your career or as an experienced colleague? Get our accredited trainer certificate! 
  • Regional experts / consultants: Optimize your training skills and use BAMIK's certified quality concept for curriculum development in your training projects.  
  • Trainers of international audiences: Is your training topic not intercultural communication but your participants come from around the world? Strenghten your ability to deal with cultural differences in teaching and learning styles.
  • HR professionals: If you are responsible for a culturally diverse staff, you will benefit from a better understanding of your international employee's need and sustainable strategies to address them.
  • Diversity Managers: If you are actively contributing in the development of your company's corporate culture, for example by focusing on diversity management. 

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