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Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course

Impress your participants with know-how, methodological skill and a strong trainer profile!
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Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course
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Module 1: Concepts of Culture

Module 2: Course Design

Module 3: Conflicts in Training

Module 4: Interc. HR Development

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Summer Academy in Berlin

Intensive Course in Bangkok

Since 2010, this specialized train-the-trainer course provides people who want build bridges across cultures with the skills and knowledge they need. With our flexible, interactive training concept, we prepare you for this great task!

Hands-on and well-grounded on academic research

Whoever wants to make a convincing impression on his or her clients should be equipped with practical experience, theoretical knowledge and the right methodology. Many people who think about starting a career as intercultural trainer already have lots of practical experience in a variety of fields. For example, they may know a specific culture very well. The challenge is now how to get this expertise across to the participants.

Soon, one will realize that there is quite a difference between one's own practical experience and the skills to explain these based on research-based models and theories. This is where our Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course comes in. From us, you will receive the theoretical know-how and the practical skills necessary for the development and implementation of sustainable intercultural training.

Modular concept with added flexibility

This modular structure gives you a very high level of flexibility. The course offers you just the right mix of theory and practice. You will receive comprehensive course material, including many templates that you can use in your own training.

Accredited certificate

After the course, participants may apply for certification with DVWO, Germany's independent umbrella organization of the adult education industry. Certification takes place in a separate module and, after successful completion of all requirements, our graduates will be awarded with the certificate DVWO Certified Intercultural Trainer (BAMIK). Our collaboration with DVWO guarantees that you will be certified by a neutral, accredited institution of our industry that is acknowledged across Europe. You will be able to implement their guidelines in your own training. → More information about the certification process

Available options to take the course

New: Online Course

In the wake of the Coronavirus crisis, we implemented additional options to take the course online. The online option allows you to start right away! → Details about the online course

Intensive courses in Berlin or Bangkok

Twice a year, we offer all four modules within a 10-day intensive course in English. In addition to the standard curriculum we will allow for more time to develop intercultural training concepts and trainer profiles. We also certainly include the cultures of Bangkok and Berlin into our agenda. The next dates:

Who should take this course?

Communicating across cultures and creating a diverse and inclusive workplace are key topics of adult education, HR and leadership. Private and public sector employers need intercultural and/or diversity trainings for a number of reasons. These include, among many others: Our successful alumni include freelance or employed trainers of very diverse backgrounds:

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