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Intercultural Training

Build stronger relationships with your partners across cultures!

BAMIK provides intercultural and cross-cultural training solutions to institutional clients around the world. Our experts cover more than 60 countries and speak 12 languages.

Collaboration with foreign cultures requires strategies to cope with diverse perceptions as well as different work and leadership styles. Intercultural competence is a key to success in all sectors. With our intercultural training program, we provide you with tested strategies as well as state-of-the-art know-how. Our methodology is both entertaining and oriented towards a sustainable transfer to professional practice.

As a course provider, BAMIK is specialized on cross-cultural / intercultural management. Every training is fine-tuned to the specific needs and challenges of our clients. Various formats - ranging from half day trainings to longer programs - can be realized with our pool of certified trainers around the world. 

Cross-cultural training for more than 60 countries

If you want to prepare for a specific country or region, our network of experts will support you. We facilitate sustainable cross-cultural training solutions for more than 60 countries.

Detailed information and a list of all available countries/cultures
Intercultural Training for Professionals

For all who are not looking for a training on a specific country, our course list provides a selection are relevant to master the daily challenges of intercultural management.
Intercultural Training for Expats in Germany

We support companies in Germany in their efforts to integrate international employees relocating to Germany. A spirit of Willkommenskultur to create an even more attractive work environment is at the center of our training philosophy. Individual expatriates moving to Germany will enjoy our coaching program to guide them through their first weeks and month in the new environment.

Detailed Information

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