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In addition to the business case for diversity, most employers must meet certain legal requirements. Ensuring compliance with these is a challenging but vital task. However, the most successful D&I strategies go beyond simply following the law and actively promote inclusion within the organization. Your strategy should set out clear points of action, goals, and key performance indicators for success and be grounded in local legislation, the organization's stated mission and members' needs.

BAMIK's strategy development workshops enable private and public organizations to create tailored, sustainable diversity strategies for the organization's unique context. In our workshops, the strategy is formulated and defined by your D&I team and other relevant stakeholders from your organization. Our team of experienced trainers and consultants facilitates and assists them to guarantee the best results.

We offer specialized knowledge of both the business and legislative grounds for D&I and can help your organization navigate these considerations. Contact us for more information on how BAMIK can help your organization develop an appropriate D&I strategy that sets your organization apart and not only meets the minimum legal requirements but actively encourages inclusion and values all members in the organization.

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