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Transforming Organizational Culture

Module 3.4 of the International Leadership Development Program

Organizational culture influences how employees approach tasks, interact, and engage with their work. In this course, leaders at the executive level will learn the concepts, methods, and tools to manage and facilitate organizational culture changes and enable a sustainable evolution.

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Organizational culture, like national cultures, can develop organically over time. When closely tied to official values or mission statements, these can create productive, healthy and inclusive environments in which employees feel valued and listened to. However, this may not always be the case, and changes may be necessary to bring the culture to a point at which it meets the company values or vision.

Leaders at the executive level must have the knowledge and skills to assess the current culture in their company and determine whether culture transformation is necessary. They should also be able to create a roadmap and holistic strategic plan that includes roles for the leader, for the company’s HR department, and for individual employees. Communicating these changes, the goals and the impact on employees will ensure sustainable change.

This course can be offered as a standalone course, as in-company training, or as a module in BAMIK’s International Leadership Development Program. All participants who complete this course, regardless of format, will receive a certificate of completion. Should participants then decide to complete that level of the ILDP, this certificate will function as proof of prior completion of this module.

Topics discussed:

  • Understanding organizational culture transformation
  • Is culture transformation needed in your organization?
  • When and where to start?
  • Understanding the current culture
  • Defining strategic direction – the future vision
  • The role of the leader, HR, and individual employees
  • Keys to leading a successful culture transformation
  • Sustaining a changed culture

This course is ideal for:

  • Leaders at the executive level

Your benefits:

  • Identify whether culture transformation is needed in your company
  • Create sustainable change that includes all employees

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