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In today’s diverse workplaces, employees bring with them different backgrounds and experiences and their own unique needs and concerns. Leading such teams therefore presents numerous challenges to ensure that all team members can work to the best of their abilities and feel secure from the possibility of bias, bullying, harassment or discrimination.

Leaders at the management level therefore have a dual responsibility: promoting diversity and inclusion within the team while minimizing any threats against these. This requires a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of D&I practices, both for the individual and for the company, and an ability to objectively assess how our inherent biases affect how we perceive and react to others.

This course enables managers to develop this awareness and create strategies to apply it to the workplace. In using these strategies, managers will improve the working environment for team members, thereby increasing worker satisfaction and security and the quality and quantity of work completed within the team.

This course can be offered as a standalone course, as in-company training, or as a module in BAMIK’s International Leadership Development Program. All participants who complete this course, regardless of format, will receive a certificate of completion. Should participants then decide to complete that level of the ILDP, this certificate will function as proof of prior completion of this module.

Topics discussed:

  • Understanding diversity and inclusion and their benefits
  • Understanding bias, bullying, harassment, and discrimination and how they affect the victim and the organization
  • The leader’s role in leveraging diversity and inclusion
  • Recognizing our biases and their effect on how we see others
  • Methods to counter the effects of our biases
  • Steps for successful interaction in diverse teams

This course is ideal for:

  • Leaders at the management level and above
  • HR professionals and D&I managers

Your benefits:

  • More objective business decisions
  • Improve team members’ satisfaction and security
  • Increase employee productivity

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