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Change Management

Module 3.2 of the International Leadership Development Program

Change is a fact of business. How we manage it affects its success. Through this module, executives will build on their current change management skills. We introduce a systematic framework for change management to improve productivity, satisfaction and professional development.

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Change is necessary in any organization to meet changing economic, business or operational situations. To successfully lead change in an organization, executives must possess strong change management skills to meet the disparate requirements from numerous stakeholders and minimize disruption and negative effects.

Employees throughout the organization can have vastly different reactions to change. In many cases, these can be strong emotional reactions such as increased stress and potentially even anger. Executives must anticipate and be prepared for such visceral reactions. Detailed understanding of appropriate change management and communication strategies can help minimize any negative feeling and increase shared understanding of the reasons for, processes involved in, and effects of the change.

Through this course, executives can develop essential skills to manage all aspects of change, from planning, through execution, to appraisal. They can then apply these skills to their own organizational contexts to ensure successful, supportive, and sustainable change.

Topics discussed:

  • The change cycle: change management models
  • The human reaction to change: the pyramid response to change
  • Managing anger and stress
  • Dealing with resistance
  • The pace of change
  • Adapting to and coping with change
  • Agile and change management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Organizational culture change

This course is ideal for:

  • Leaders at the executive level in any sector and any field
  • Change management professionals

Your benefits:

  • Enable your organization to adapt to changing situations
  • Minimize delays and costs of change
  • Maintain motivation and engagement among employees even during times of uncertainty

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