To achieve team or corporate goals, managers must communicate performance expectations to team members, either verbally or in writing. This module enables participants to develop the skills to successfully communicate and ensure shared understanding of expectations.

Effective managers must be able to lead employees to achieve balance on various competing and intersecting interests and meet all stakeholder needs. However, these skills can be completely useless without effective communication with employees. It is not enough simply to be able to understand the direction a team should take; managers must also ensure that employees are aware of this and understand what is required of them. Shared understanding of performance standards among all employees is vital for the organization’s sustained success.

Appropriate goal setting and communication is central to this. This serves a dual purpose. First, it improves team efficiency and efficacy by providing a clear direction for the team. Second, it motivates employees with a clearly defined challenge, shows the employees their role and value to the organization, and clearly relates their personal goals to those of the organization.

Through this course, participants will build comprehension and skills that will allow them to create shared understanding among employees. With this, they can devise strategies to create an open work environment in which information is shared among levels and goals are clearly aligned between individuals and the organization.

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