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Communication of business decisions and organizational goals is vital for employee engagement and motivation. However, communication should not just be unidirectional; it is equally important that employees feel that they can come to you with their ideas. Approachable managers have employees who are happier, less stressed, and more closely aligned with business objectives than those with authoritative styles. Additionally, the managers themselves then develop a reputation for getting the best out of employees and enacting effective initiatives within the organization.

Knowing when and how to encourage employee input is a vital skill that successful managers must possess. Through this course, participants will develop the understanding needed to build strategies to create a sharing and innovative working culture that encompasses all employees. Through this, teams can benefit from employees’ ideas and the manager’s ability to identify and implement the best of these.

Topics discussed:

  • The logic behind requesting and using employee input
  • Identifying opportunities for employee involvement/engagement
  • Preparing employees for greater involvement/engagement
  • Understanding conditions for decision-making
  • Active listening and getting feedback from employees

This course is ideal for:

  • Leaders at the management level and above

Your benefits:

  • Improve communication throughout the organization
  • Increase innovative ideas
  • Enhance business processes

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