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Leaders at the supervisory level often find themselves for the first time in a position in which they must communicate with both subordinates and superiors. Clear communication is vital to ensure shared understanding on all issues within the workplace and with external clients and stakeholders. Leaders must also be able to communicate on different topics and in a style that is appropriate to the context. This skill is vital for professional success.

This course is designed to enable leaders at the supervisory level to develop an understanding of the communication skills necessary to progress to formal leadership positions. Participants will address different communication strategies and apply these to the appropriate scenarios in their organization. Correct use of these strategies will highlight them as effective and capable communicators.

Topics discussed:

  • Setting performance goals with SMART criteria
  • The rationale behind communicating organizational information
  • Communication techniques aligned with all levels of leadership and staff
  • Communicating with stakeholders outside the organization
  • Opportunities for information dissemination
  • Leading a successful meeting
  • Techniques for transmitting difficult messages
  • Digital communication
  • Encouraging strategic thinking among team members

This course is ideal for:

  • Leaders at the supervisory level and above
  • Anyone who gives presentations or leads meetings within an organization
  • Anyone who wishes to develop their communication skills for professional contexts

Your benefits:

  • Communicate different ideas clearly to subordinates, peers, and superiors
  • Improve team functioning through increased shared understanding
  • Stand out as a future manager

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