Talent Management

Module 2.1 of the International Leadership Development Program

Talent management is a complex process that requires the identification of competencies that can be leveraged or developed for the team member’s career satisfaction and development. We equip managers with the skills to identify these competencies and facilitate their development.

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In an increasingly competitive marketplace, developing, engaging, and retaining talent is essential. Successful managers empower their employees by identifying what motivates and engages them and allowing them to work towards success in these areas. Talent management is therefore an important business strategy that can have multiple benefits for the employee, the manager, and the organization.

Leaders at the management level can use this course to learn how to understand their organization’s talent management challenges and develop solutions. They can align these with employee motivation factors to increase their engagement. Managers can identify appropriate tools for career development that can help employees to further their professional development. In creating their own individual development plan, managers can learn the benefits of doing so and develop practical, sustainable strategies to help their employees do the same.

Topics discussed:

  • Understanding motivation factors for employees
  • Understanding competency (skill) and career development
  • Identifying career development tools
  • Identifying employees’ skills that may be used on the job
  • Showing interest and support for employee development
  • Creating an individual development plan (IDP) to support your career goals
  • Helping team members to complete their IDPs
  • Retaining talent through professional development and engagement

This course is ideal for:

  • Leaders at the management level and above
  • Anyone responsible for developing the skills and competencies of employees
  • Anyone responsible for employees’ career development

Your benefits:

  • Retain the best and most talented employees
  • Reduce losses through demotivated staff
  • Reduce recruitment costs by developing the skills of current employees

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