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Exhibiting ethical business is vital for all executives. It helps shape the organizational culture, establishes the organization’s reputation, ensures legal compliance, and builds employee morale and loyalty. All these reasons ultimately strengthen the organization’s operational and financial strength.

The challenges of operating ethically are even greater and more complex in today’s globalized and interconnected world. Differing cultural values and understandings of ethical actions and differing legislation and requirements of organizations must be navigated.

Executives must therefore be able to create and apply appropriate frameworks for ethical decision-making in their organization. This course provides them with the tools to identify ethical challenges within their organization, understand their responsibilities, and enact sustainable, forward-reaching, and ethical policies.

Topics discussed:

  • Overview of business ethics
  • Organizations and social responsibility
  • ISO 26000 and social responsibility
  • Business and society: consumers and the environment
  • Ethical issues in the workplace
  • Business ethics in a global and multicultural environment
  • Values, rights, and responsibilities
  • Frameworks for ethical decision-making in business

This course is ideal for:

  • Leaders at the executive level in any sector and any field

Your benefits:

  • Boost your organizationís reputation
  • Increase employee trust, commitment, and loyalty
  • Ensure legal compliance

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