Sustainability in Organizations

Module 3.6 of the International Leadership Development Program

Understanding sustainable development is necessary for appropriate development strategies. Here, managers will develop this understanding and learn about how sustainability principles connect to organizational practices for sustainable business.

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The concept of sustainability in organizations is closely related to business ethics. Organizations must have in place sustainable business practices that enable employees to develop skills to support the organization, support inclusion and relationship-building within the organization, promote environmental protection, and ensure continued profitability. However, achieving these goals while maintaining sustainability is a major challenge for any organization and requires careful planning and implementation. This depends entirely on executives’ understanding of sustainability principles.

This course therefore enables executives to develop their knowledge of these principles and the skills to apply these to their organizational contexts. Through building their comprehension of the various approaches to sustainable development, executives will be able to guide their organizations to continued growth and development that meets stakeholder needs and ensures employee engagement in the long-term.

Topics discussed:

  • Understanding development and sustainable development
  • Views of sustainable development
  • The concept of sustainable development
  • Evolution of the concept of sustainable development
  • The pillars of sustainable development
  • Approaches to sustainable development
  • Sustainability principles
  • Connecting sustainability principles to organizational practices

This course is ideal for:

  • Leaders at the executive level

Your benefits:

  • Improve profitability with improved business processes
  • Exceed shareholder and other stakeholder expectations
  • Ensure your organization’s continued success in the long-term

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