Conflict Management

Module 3.3 of the International Leadership Development Program

Conflicts in the workplace may be a result of numerous factors. Here, we introduce conflict management techniques that will enable managers to better understand and manage workplace conflicts to achieve positive outcomes.

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Conflict can arise in an organization when colleagues within an organization perceive that they have differing needs or values. It is generally thought of as a negative occurrence, and certainly, if it is left to develop without being addressed, it can have numerous costs for the individuals and the organization. However, with the correct management of the situation, it is possible to maximize the benefits of the conflicts while minimizing the negatives.

To do so, executives must understand the reason for and type of the conflict and act accordingly. This course is designed to enable executives to develop appropriate conflict management strategies to reach acceptable resolutions. We use best practice examples, case studies, and cutting-edge theory, which allows them to take the appropriate action and use tested techniques for success.

Topics discussed:

  • Understanding conflict and its benefits and risks at work
  • Active listening and effective communication
  • Responding to and managing anger
  • Practicing conflict management skills in role play scenarios
  • The organizational and cultural factors that influence workplace conflict solutions
  • Identifying the most common conflict scenarios among participants
  • Common responses to conflict
  • Approaches to conflict resolution
  • Understanding one's own conflict management beliefs and style
  • Effective conflict management techniques
  • Assessing the effectiveness of conflict management approaches in different situations
  • Encouraging openness and honesty

This course is ideal for:

  • Leaders at the executive level in any sector and any field

Your benefits:

  • Maximize the benefits of conflict and minimize the negative aspects
  • Create and demonstrate an environment for open, honest dialogue
  • Improve employee morale at all hierarchical levels

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