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Ensuring that employees can balance their work and other elements of their lives is an effective way to manage stress levels within the organization. But what actually is work–life balance? Many different conceptions exist, and each offers different suggestions for success. Certainly, the one-size-fits-all approaches advocated by many managers are not appropriate for all employees and implementing inappropriate initiatives can actually increase, rather than decrease, stress. Employees all have different situations, needs, and preferences; understanding these allows managers to provide the appropriate adjustments that employees require.

Managers who can enable their employees to feel a sense of balance between work and the other elements of their life will soon notice an increase in employee motivation, satisfaction, and productivity, and decreases in stress levels and staff turnover. This course provides managers with the detailed understanding of state-of-the-art knowledge on practical work–life balance strategies that they can apply within their own organizations.

Topics discussed:

  • The concept of work–life balance
  • Myths and reality in work–life balance
  • Achievement vs. enjoyment
  • Four dimensions of work–life balance
  • Six pillars of work-life balance
  • Understanding employees’ needs
  • The work–life triangle - how to achieve work–life balance in three different dimensions

This course is ideal for:

  • Leaders at the management level and above
  • Anyone who wants to better understand concepts of work–life balance and implement effective strategies for themselves and others

Your benefits:

  • Reduce stress for yourself and among your team
  • Increase satisfaction, motivation, and productivity
  • Reduce employee turnover

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