Supporting Innovation

Module 3.1 of the International Leadership Development Program

Creativity and innovation can give organizations a vital advantage over their competitors. This course for leaders at the executive level focuses on the skills required for innovation and the management and facilitation of techniques to leverage creativity and foster innovation.

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Organizations that innovate often gain long-term competitive advantages over those that do not. Innovation enables organizations to optimize processes and products, increase productivity, and attract the best talent. Successful innovation requires skilled leadership to ensure that it remains in line with organizational goals, is sustainable, and is achievable within time and budgetary constraints.

Executives should encourage creativity and innovation and promote new ideas among all levels of their workforce. To do so, they must understand the skills necessary to innovate and use appropriate talent management techniques to foster these skills in their workforce. Innovation does not happen in a vacuum and employees must be aware of the context in which they operate, including any previous organizational mistakes from which lessons can be learned.

Through this course, executives can develop their understanding of the business case for innovation and the skills necessary to guide innovation within an organization. From this, they can develop sustainable strategies for continued success!

Topics discussed:

  • Understanding creativity, innovation, and creative thinking
  • Skills for innovation
  • Encouraging creativity and innovation
  • Managing new ideas and selecting innovation projects
  • Innovation strategies
  • Learning from mistakes
  • A different approach for hiring and managing employees
  • Balancing current performance and future innovation
  • Radical and disruptive innovation

This course is ideal for:

  • Leaders at the executive level in any sector and any field
  • Innovation managers and business process managers
  • HR managers

Your benefits:

  • Improve your organization’s efficiency, efficacy, and competitiveness
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Gain an advantage over your competitors

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