Module 1.5 of the International Leadership Development Program

When team members perform well, it is important to recognize this. We enable leaders to develop the skills to further raise morale by providing effective recognition to individuals or teams using verbal and tangible rewarding tools.

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The ability to improve and maintain high levels of morale among team members is a characteristic shared by the most successful leaders, regardless of the level at which they operate. One of the most effective ways in which managers can do this is through recognition of positive performance within the organization. Such recognition can be toward individuals, groups, or whole teams.

Leaders who understand the importance of recognition and use it appropriately in their team or organization can create a positive, success-oriented culture in which employees are engaged with their work, are motivated to achieve their goals, and feel valued by the team. This in turn shows the effectiveness of the leader in motivating and guiding his or her team members.

Through this course, leaders can gain a more in-depth understanding of the need for recognition and the positive effect it can have on team morale and performance. Coupled with the knowledge of when and how to recognize standout performances, leaders can develop sustainable and successful strategies that will both energize their team and exemplify them as capable of leading at the highest levels.

Topics discussed:

  • Why does recognition matter?
  • Identifying different types of recognition and their application
  • Identifying performance outcomes warranting recognition
  • When to recognize an individual or the team
  • Providing verbal recognition for an individual or teams

This course is ideal for:

  • Leaders at the supervisory level and above
  • Anyone who leads a small team or project

Your benefits:

  • Improve your team members’ motivation and engagement through a positive, success-oriented work environment
  • Show yourself to team members as a leader who notices strong performance and to superiors as able to lead through positive reinforcement

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