Using appropriate practices to deliver effective verbal and written feedback enables you to help individuals and teams improve their performance. Through this module, leaders can develop the skills to ensure performance improvement through effective feedback.

Providing team members with feedback is an essential role of any leader. Understanding its necessity and effective use enables leaders to improve individual and team performance without damaging morale and engagement. However, feedback can take many forms and delivering the appropriate feedback style requires a series of decisions. Should we use written or verbal feedback? How formal should the feedback be? Should management be involved in the feedback process?

Of course, feedback is not only warranted when performance improvements are needed; it should also be used when team members perform well. In this instance, it is important to feed back to team members in a way that reaffirms this positive performance, creates a virtuous cycle and strengthens engagement.

Leaders who can appropriately feed back to team members can create a team culture of open and honest appraisal that benefits team engagement and morale. This course enables leaders to develop the skills necessary to do so, which will also mark them out as future managers who know how to communicate requirements to employees.

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