Modular teacher training to enhance educational skills

When faced with achieving their educational goals, teachers face many of the same challenges as adult educators who operate in the training market. Therefore, some of the modules that BAMIK offers in the Global Business Trainer Academy (GBTA) are also particularly relevant for teachers.

In in the module overview, the red modules are designed for the needs of business trainers, while the grey modules focus on a number of topics relevant for all education professionals. For teachers, we recommend five of the nine GBTA modules:

  1. Need Analysis & Course Design
  2. Training Methodology
  3. Presentation Skills
  4. Psychology & Neurology for Trainers
  5. Conflict Resolution for Trainers

Inhouse training programs for schools and universities

Teachers and institutions may have specific needs that are not entirely met by the general course. In this case, we are happy come to you and provide inhouse training to groups of teachers at your institution. Such an arrangement means that the contents can be tailored to your specific needs. We present content agreed upon with the institution, and in a language of the institution’s choice. BAMIK offers training in 12 languages and offers complete flexibility in the training contents, so there is an option to suit any situation.

Solo participants

Teachers are welcome to join the open course and attend any modules that they feel are relevant to their needs. The advantage of joining the open course is that participants will have the opportunity to interact with other teachers and adult educators from various fields and from various cultures. This collegial and diverse atmosphere can enable new learning opportunities and the development of stronger communication and teaching skills among teachers, which will benefit them in their daily work life.

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