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High-level structured methodological toolkit

The BAMIK Trainer Academy is a comprehensive training program with 220 hours in-class instruction that will provide you with all the necessary tools for your success. Of the nine modules, we dedicate four explicitly to developing your educational skills. Here, it is particularly important to us that we enable you to orient your training with your clients’ needs and develop sustainable concepts for the implementation and transfer of your education.

In the module psychology and neurology in training and teaching, we will introduce you to the main models of communication psychology and provide you with basic knowledge about neurology. This will help you better understand the learning process. To help you maintain control in difficult training and teaching situations, we also dedicate one module to conflict resolution.

International focus

The BAMIK Trainer Academy’s international focus sets it apart from other train-the-trainer courses. All modules are held in English. With its international focus, the BAMIK Trainer Academy empowers trainers to develop a unique skillset that will strengthen their positions in the global training markets. The collegial exchange among participants and instructors from various cultures enables a heightened under-standing of the different international approaches to teaching and needs of clients.

New course beginning in 2019

BAMIK has set standards since 2010 with its Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course, which focused on intercultural management and diversity & inclusion. From 2019, BAMIK also offers this comprehensive, professional Train-the-Trainer Course.

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