BAMIK Trainer Academy

All-inclusive Train-the-Trainer Course

With 220 hours of instruction, this blended learning course is the right choice for trainers who want to enhance their teaching skills and obtain an accredited certificate from one of Germany’s leading training associations. Our approach is cosmopolitan, diverse and sustainable.

New course beginning in 2022

Already since 2010, we have set standards with our Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course, which was designed for trainers who focus on intercultural management or diversity & inclusion. With more than ten years of experience in train-the-trainer courses, we now offer the new, even more comprehensive BAMIK Trainer Academy beginning in 2022.

Your toolkit for sustainable adult education!

The BAMIK Trainer Academy is a comprehensive training program with 220 hours of instruction that will provide you with all the necessary tools for success:
  • Ethics: We want trainers to be conscious of their responsibility towards their participants. Therefore, professional ethics plays a central role throughout the entire program. We reject the many dubious methods that are widely available and encourage you to deliver state-of-the-art and responsible training.
  • Course design & methodology: Of the nine modules, we dedicate four explicitly to curriculum development, presentation skills and instruction methods. We want you to offer sustainable training that is participant oriented and meets your clients’ needs.
  • Neurology & psychology: We will provide you with basic knowledge about the brain’s role in the learning process and introduce you to the main models of communication psychology.
  • Conflict resolution: To help you maintain control in difficult training and teaching situations, we also dedicate one module to conflict resolution.
  • Marketing for trainers: Now that you have an excellent training concept in the pocket, you need to successfully sell it to your clients. In two modules, you will learn about the market, HR departments’ expectations and some strategies for getting the message out.

International focus

With its international focus, the BAMIK Trainer Academy empowers trainers to develop a unique skillset that will strengthen their position in the global training market. The collegial exchange among participants and instructors from various cultures enables a heightened understanding of the different international approaches to teaching and client needs.

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