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Training Methodology

Module 3 of the BAMIK Trainer Academy (classroom)

Start packing your toolbox! In this practical module, we address various training methods for all phases of instruction. You will enhance your own repertoire of methods and assess their appropriateness and feasibility in various training contexts. The module comprises 3 days of full-time classroom sessions.

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Over the years, every trainer will develop his or her own methodology. We believe that the uniqueness of each trainer’s toolbox is central to their individual trainer profile and how they appeal to their target audience. While this is a task that continues throughout each trainer’s professional life, these 3 days aim to give your methodology some structure. This includes an assessment of how well various methods work under changing conditions and how to manage time.

We will address questions of how to conduct successful icebreakers and employ training methods that work in any context and regardless of the participants’ cultural backgrounds. On the second day, we look at getting your training participants out of their seats and interacting with each other through games, role plays and simulations and what to do if things don’t quite go to plan. On the third and final day, we turn our attention to the use of technology in training, particularly getting the most from blended learning in the classroom and e-learning courses.

This module enables you to build a wide-ranging and effective set of skills that you can draw from to create context-appropriate training plans and use methodologies that will appeal to your participants regardless of their learning style, attitude to learning or training field. Having this skillset will enable you to successfully lead any training program and ensure that your participants don’t just learn, they have fun.

Topics discussed:

  • Icebreakers
  • Training methods for adult education
  • Cultural differences in learning
  • Playful adults? How much interaction is appropriate?
  • Facilitating roleplays and simulations
  • Thinking on your feet: expecting the unexpected
  • Using technology with different groups
  • Webinars and e-learning
  • Blended learning

Requirements for participation:

  • To pass this module, you must attend the 3-day classroom seminar.
  • You should give a 15–20-minute participant presentation on a topic of your choice involving a training method that is new to you.
  • There may be a moderate additional workload for you to prepare or to perform follow-up course work.

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