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Presentation Skills

Module 4 of the BAMIK Trainer Academy (classroom)

Your presentation skills are visible even before you open your mouth to welcome your participants. Creating the right atmosphere straight off the bat and professionally handling the media are therefore vital for getting the participants in the right mindset and keeping them there. This 3-day classroom module aims to boost your presentation skills.

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As a trainer, you have multiple media options to support your presentation, such as pin boards, flipcharts or digital media such as slideshows. When and how should you use these? In this practical module, we help you to develop the skills to appropriately present information to your training participants, from room setup to high-tech media options. On the first day, we explain how different room setups should be used according to various factors and what you can do if the room differs from your expectations in some way. You will also learn to effectively use pinboards as a presentation tool.

Flipcharts and digital media are highly visual tools that can make or break your training. Many trainers may be reluctant to use flipcharts if they lack drawing skills, so we spend one full day helping you develop some foolproof techniques for creating appealing flipcharts even if you aren’t the next Picasso. Similarly, an overreliance on text-heavy, poorly designed slideshows can also cause participants to switch off, so we include a slide design workshop in this module.

By the end of the third day, you will have developed a skillset that you can combine with your methodological toolbox to create engaging training that uses arresting presentations and enjoyable activities. Your ability to use varied presentation methods that will engage the participants will maximize your training effectiveness. This both ensures the success of your training and benefits your own professional reputation through positive participant feedback to clients.

Topics discussed:

  • Room setup and its influence on training
  • The art of improvising: when the room is not as expected
  • Pinboards
  • Using flipcharts in training
  • Creating appealing flipcharts if you can’t draw
  • Flipchart workshop
  • Pros and cons of PowerPoint
  • Presentation design using PowerPoint and other software
  • Use of other digital media

Requirements for participation:

  • To pass this module, you must attend the 3-day classroom seminar.
  • You should give a 15–20-minute participant presentation on a topic of your choice in which you use either a pin-board or a flipchart visualization.
  • There may be a moderate additional workload for you to prepare or to perform follow-up course work. This includes the development of a 1-day training agenda based on the standards you will learn in this module.

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