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Training and HR

Module 8 of the BAMIK Trainer Academy (online)

Organizations are unique cultures in which things are done differently according to the situation and a one-size-fits-all approach is ill-suited. This online module provides trainers with an understanding of the various HR challenges that organizations face and the decision-making processes that happen when they decide whether to implement training.

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In this module, we encourage you to look at training from the “other side,” that is, the client’s perspective. What must HR managers consider? Why might they decide that training is necessary? How do they manage employees’ learning and development? What is the influence of D&I initiatives? We answer these questions and more.

We discuss the role of HR within organizations and compare HR management in small, medium and large enterprises and across sectors. Here, we adopt the client’s perspective regarding training. We look at budgets, time constraints and attitudes towards the “extra burden” of training. The multiple needs of a diverse workforce should be considered in any collaboration with any organization, so we discuss the influence of multiple perspectives on learning and development.

Finally, we situate the training within the wider aims of the organization, including its management of learning and development and the design of longer-term training plans.

Topics discussed:

  • Humans as resource?
  • Controlling
  • Legal aspects
  • Creating long-term training programs
  • Tasks of HR management
  • Training and employees’ professional development
  • Differences between small, medium and large enterprises and among sectors
  • Expectations towards trainers
  • The busy HR and the burden of training
  • Budgets
  • D&I in learning and development
  • Management of learning and development

Requirements for participation:

  • To pass this module, you must complete all twelve online sessions. This is equivalent to 3 days (24 units) of instruction.
  • There may be a moderate additional workload for you to prepare or to perform follow-up course work.
  • You can start working on the online sessions even before attending module 1.

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