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Transfer and Evaluation

Module 5 of the BAMIK Trainer Academy (online)

Sustainability is the keyword here: transfer and evaluation contribute to the continued success of your training. This online module addresses the factors that influence training sustainability and how you can ensure that the learning effect does not stop once the participants leave the classroom.

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Through our many years of experience, we have developed many strategies that help trainers to successfully implement the transfer of the knowledge, skills or emotional competences that are central to the training topic. In the 12 sessions of this online module, we introduce you to various proven transfer methods that you can use during and after your training. These methods will ensure that your participants apply their newly acquired skills to their work and secure the success of your training.

We also introduce you to DVWO evaluation standards, which you can use to monitor and continuously improve your own quality at each stage of the training process. Following these standards allows you to analyze your own performance before, during and after the training and assess the participants’ knowledge or skill acquisition during the training and react accordingly. You will gain an in-depth knowledge of these different forms of evaluation and how and when to apply these. With these skills, you will be able to ensure both the sustainability of your training and constant evaluation and improvement in line with quality management principles such as ISO 9001:2015 or that of the DVWO.

Topics discussed:

  • Sustainability of training
  • 360° evaluation
  • Evaluation in e-learning
  • Educational controlling in organizations
  • Importance of lifelong learning and professional training
  • Ensuring the right taxonomic level
  • Working with the client
  • Transfer during the training
  • Transfer following the training
  • Transfer and curriculum development
  • Summative and formative evaluation

Requirements for participation:

  • To pass this module, you must complete all twelve online sessions. This is equivalent to 3 days (24 units) of instruction.
  • There may be a moderate additional workload for you to prepare or to perform follow-up course work.
  • You can start working on the online sessions even before attending module 1.
  • You must successfully complete module 2 before you can attend module 5.

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