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Modules and Dates:

M1: The Professional Trainer

Classroom Modules

M2: Need Analysis & Course Design

M3: Training Methodology

Classroom Modules

    M4: Presentation Skills

    Classroom Modules

      M5: Transfer and Evaluation

      M6: Psychology & Neurology

      M7: Conflict Resolution

      Classroom Modules

      M8: Training & HR Development

      M9: Sales & Marketing for Trainers

      Classroom Modules
      The new BAMIK Trainer Academy is the perfect way to continue your professional development and further enhance your skills as a DVWO-certified trainer.

      Because there are some overlaps in content between the BAMIK Trainer Academy and the Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course, it isn’t necessary for you to complete all modules in the new program. If you have completed the Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course, you only have five additional modules to complete.

      Because of this, we offer a special price for these five modules for all BAMIK alumni of 1000 Euros. To enrol, please contact us at

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