Quality of Training

Practice-oriented and based on academic research

BAMIK provides you with a hands-on training concept that is practice-oriented and also covers in-depth theoretical research. We consider it essential that theory and practice remain in balance throughout the course.

The BAMIK Trainer Academy can benefit your career in numerous ways:

Relevance of the course

The BAMIK Trainer Academy’s modules on training methodology, presentation skills and transfer and evaluation methods provide participants with concrete skills with direct relevance to real situations. Therefore, our participants are able to considerably improve the quality of their training, regardless of their current experience level.

The combination of theory, training methods and teaching skills means that BAMIK Trainer Academy participants understand the state-of-the-art knowledge on educational theory and models of communication psychology, can create and conduct their own training curricula, and can successfully market themselves in a broad and competitive market. For more information on the course contents, click here.

Networking and teambuilding opportunities

Previous participants of BAMIK train-the-trainer programs have established strong and lasting networks with their course mates. The development of such networks greatly enhances the learning environment and is one of the many lasting successes of BAMIK’s training.

Try new teaching ideas and get feedback from peers

Each participant of the BAMIK Trainer Academy will have the opportunity to share his or her own training projects with the other participants. This has the benefit of allowing you to try new ideas in a protected space and receive feedback on these. The opportunity to test new ideas with peers is a valuable learning tool that helps strengthen teaching skills.

Accredited certification

Participants can improve their marketability by gaining accredited certification from one of Germany’s leading training organizations, the DVWO. This enables participants to guarantee the quality of their training to prospective clients.

DVWO certification is a valuable way to distinguish yourself in an increasingly competitive training market. DVWO-certified trainers demonstrate their ability to create and deliver sustainable training programs that meet participants’ needs. Certification is therefore a vital step in one's career as trainer.

BAMIK is certified as an educational institution pursuant to the DVWO’s strict quality guidelines. Our Trainer Academy is designed in full compliance with these high standards. BAMIK’s services are based on the quality management principles of DIN ISO 9001:2015.

BAMIK is also accredited as a course provider in several states in Germany and participants of our courses may be eligible for  "Bildungsurlaub" or "Bildungszeit" in line with the regulations of that state. You can find more information on Bildungsurlaub here (in German).


Suggestive tools such as neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) do not fit in BAMIK’s profile. We therefore distance ourselves from such methods.

BAMIK also disassociates itself from Scientology and rejects the person and technology of L. Ron Hubbard in all aspects of our work.

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