In-Company Solutions

Get the modules of the BAMIK Trainer Academy in your organization!

We offer our BAMIK Trainer Academy also as an in-company solution. This allows the course and its delivery to be tailored to your needs!

The open course of the BAMIK Trainer Academy is an ideal option for trainers because the collaboration and interaction among participants from diverse backgrounds enables the development of a heightened understanding of the needs of international clients.

Should an organization have a larger need and prefer an in-company solution, then BAMIK is happy to offer this option! We can tailor the program to your specific needs, whether in length, content, or language.

The modular structure of the BAMIK Trainer Academy makes it ideally suited for participants from around the world to take part. However, its focus on need analysis, curriculum development, and practical training skills means that it is also applicable to inhouse solutions.

Institutions may have specific needs that are not entirely met by the general course. In this case, we are happy to provide inhouse training on content agreed upon with the institution, and in a language of the institution’s choice. BAMIK offers training in 12 languages and offers complete flexibility in the training contents, so there is an option to suit any situation.

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