Trainer Certification

Prove your trainer competence with a widely accredited certificate!

The training market is complex and competitive. Not surprisingly, private and public clients increasingly insist that trainers provide an accredited certificate to document their education. The trainer certification at the end of the BAMIK Trainer Academy therefore marks an important step in your trainer career.

After you complete each module, you will receive a certificate of attendance. Once you have attended all nine modules, you may register for the separate certification module, in which you will take the final exam. Certification requirements are:
  • Development of a training concept for a 2-day (16-unit) training program.
  • Presentation of a 45-minute training unit from your concept in front of a live audience.
  • Written exam of 60 minutes.

German Certificate of the DVWO

After participating in all modules of the BAMIK Trainer Academy, candidates are eligible for certification through the DVWO, the German Organization of Associations for Lifelong Learning. If successful, our graduates receive certification as

DVWO certified trainer (BAMIK).

Our collaboration with the DVWO guarantees that certification is conducted by a neutral institution of the German education industry that is widely acknowledged across Europe. The certificate shows that the trainer is able to develop and implement training programs according to the DVWO’s strict quality guidelines.

The DVWO was established in 2002 as a representation for the professional interests of adult educators and is an umbrella organization of professional associations that represent over 10,000 members. The members of the associations within the DVWO are mostly trainers, consultants, and coaches who work regularly as freelancers in adult education.

The DVWO unifies approximately 80 percent of Germany’s adult educators. In dialogue with industry, politics and academia, the DVWO participates in the political procedures related to educational topics. As an umbrella organization, one of the DVWO’s central tasks is to shape the conditions under which adult educators pursue their profession.

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