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Intensive Course Diversity & Inclusion

Compact seminar for all who want to want to promote diversity in their organization

BAMIK has developed this unique course for managers, leaders, and front-line workers to enable them to build, manage, and thrive in their diverse organization and work groups. In three days, get the essentials of diversity management along with a number of tools for implementation in your organization.

In our open course program, we offer this course once every other month in German. For international participants and organizations, we will facilitate the course as an in-company program of three days.

To whom is this training customized for?

This course is not designed for full-time diversity managers but for all those who want to engage in diversity management in addition to their regular tasks within the organization. This reflects the reality of many small and medium sized enterprises which are not able to create a full time position for diversity management. Therefore, the following may benefit in particular of the course:
  • Directors
  • Assistants of management
  • Staff of Human Resources Department
  • Department managers
  • Peers
  • Trainers

What is the added value of the seminar?

You will not only learn to handle intercultural conflicts more accurately, moreover, you can gain knowledge in regards to methods which will enable you to benefit from the diversity of your own organitzation. Besides, you can reach out for all the co-workers, show them appreciation and also encourage new team building penomenom.


In three intensive days we will introduce you elaborately the dimensions of diversity. Thereby you will learn to understand the demands of certain colleagues from the different perspectives. Since the seminar is composed for disseminators, it contains a high practical and applicational relevance:
  • Elaborative discussion regarding the above mentioned categories of diversity (age, disability, race, gender, religion and sexual orientation
  • Legal conditions (political attitude in various countries)
  • Application possibilities for disseminators
  • The "business case" of diversity management
  • Tools for diversity management
  • Audits of internal entrepreneurial processes
  • Best practice examples
  • Working with Diversity Charters

What will you have at the end of the training?

The target is the development of an individual strategy which can be applied in your own business later on. You will also receive feedback from the other participants and you will be provided with possibilities of (self-)reflection.

Topics discussed:

  • Theory and Practice of Diversity Management
  • The business case of diversity management
  • Legal aspects (anti discrimination laws etc.)
  • Best practice examples
  • Significance for small and medium sized enterprises
  • Categories of Diversity - Chances and Challenges
  • Age
  • Disabilities
  • Ethnic Background / Culture
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Tools for Diversity Management
  • Concepts and methods for diversity advocates
  • Diversity audit of procedures within the organization
  • Establishment of employee networks
  • Creating projects with diversity charters

This course is ideal for:

  • leaders who want to develop their organizational culture towards diversity.
  • human resource managers who are responsible for a diverse staff.
  • all professionals who want to serve as diversity advocates in addition to their regular function in the organization.

Your benefits:

  • Receive a sustainable qualification as a diversity advocate within your organization.
  • Get in-depth knowledge about six important categories of diversity and leard to understand your colleagues.
  • Develop comprehensive strategies for your organization.

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