Communicating an educational topic to audiences as large as 1000 or more participants who may even be located in multiple places around the world is a logistical and financial challenge. Many large employers therefore use e-learning applications to reach their audiences. While this solves some of the logistical challenges, e-learning also comes at the cost that the interactive level between participants is lost, which is usually essential for a training’s sustainability.

Learning Boards offer an alternative to face-to-face training and e-learning. They are customized training documents for the use in small groups, thus combining the benefits of group interaction and the flexibility of autodidactic learning. The benefits include:
  • Easy facilitation of interactive training-sessions in small groups
  • No trainer needed
  • Low-threshold for participants
  • Customized to corporate identity and organizational culture

Sample pages from the project "Kultur verstehen" ("understanding culture") - developed for the German Armed Forces

We offer the development of Learning Boards in cooperation with our partner CMC.
If you want to know what a Learning Board can do for your institution, please contact us. We will be happy to show you the many options connected with this flexible and effective tool and make a customized proposal.

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