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Sales and Marketing for Trainers

Module 9 of the BAMIK Trainer Academy (classroom)
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Your continued career success as a trainer relies on your ability to market yourself to potential clients. It is not enough to simply be a great trainer; you must also be able to show that you are a great trainer! This classroom module helps you develop the skills to create and manage a profile that highlights your unique professional experience, training style and skillset.

In addition to building a solid profile, you must actively seek clients. But where should you look? We answer this on Day 1 and enable you to create strategies for building real-world and online networks that will allow you to generate clients.

Identifying potential clients is half the battle: you also need to convince them to buy your training! You must build and continually manage your profile. This requires a mixture of strategies to maintain both your online and physical presences, which we explain on Day 2.

How can trainers maximize the effectiveness of their profile and stand out in an increasingly complex and competitive market? The key is to focus on the unique combination of your experience and skillset. On Day 3, we discuss the best ways to highlight your unique selling proposition and make your trainer profile shine. We understand how difficult it can be to sell your own talents, so to help participants to develop their profiles, we conduct a “uniqueness workshop” in which you work with your peers to create trainer profiles that highlight your skills and experience. In addition to this, you will also conduct a short presentation in which you present your business case as a trainer. You will leave at the end of the third day with not only a clear strategy for building your profile and network, but also for selling yourself as a highly capable and experienced trainer.

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