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Conflict Resolution for Trainers

Module 7 of the BAMIK Trainer Academy (classroom)
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Trainers can be divided into two groups: those who have experienced conflict in training and those who will experience it. In this 3-day classroom module, you will develop the skills to understand the varied causes of conflict and react appropriately to maintain and restore a productive working atmosphere.

This module provides an indispensable insight into conflicts and resolution strategies. Here, we discuss real conflict situations collected through years of training experience. These will be reviewed in case studies and interventions will be developed by the group. You may likely bring your own experiences; these will also be addressed.

Over the course of three days, we help you develop strategies to identify the cause of the conflict and determine whether the conflict can be used to have a positive effect on the training. You will leave the training with an ability to determine the best course of action to maximize participants’ learning potential during a conflict.

The first day is dedicated to the types of conflict that can exist and the reasons for resolving conflict during training. On the second day, you will further build your understanding of conflicts by considering escalation and de-escalation theories and the dynamics of the conflict. Who is involved and what is their position? With this understanding, you can then enter the third day, in which you will develop strategies to resolve any conflict, regardless of the cause.

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