Structure of the Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course

Enjoy full flexibility through our modular structure!

Our Intercultural Train-the-trainer Course is structured in four modules followed by a certification module. Modules are offered in English and German throughout the year. For English speakers, we offer intensive courses in Berlin and Bangkok.

Modules and Dates:

Online Modules
→ Detailed meeting calendar

Module 1: Concepts of Culture

Module 2: Course Design

Module 3: Conflicts in Training

Module 4: Interc. HR Development

Classroom Modules


Summer Academy in Berlin

Intensive Course in Bangkok

The four modules at a glance

Each module consists of a combination of content that is partly completed in e-learning and partly in face-to-face seminars. The combined work load required for each module corresponds to approx. 3 days or 24 teaching units of 45 minutes.
  1. Concepts of Culture and Professional Ethos of the Intercultural Trainer
  2. Methodology & Didactics, Designing Sustainable Intercultural Trainings
  3. Intercultural Conflict Resolution
  4. Intercultural HR Development and Diversity Management

Option A: Online Course + Colloquium

The Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course is carried out as blended learning, i.e. elements of e-learning and face-to-face training are combined. There are three main components:
  1. Weekly meetings: For each module, we offer eight synchronous meetings that take place weekly at a specified time. All dates can be found in the detailed webinar calendar.
  2. Self-study webinars: Additional learning content can be worked on independently and flexibly in terms of time. Access to these webinars is via our own learning platform, the eCampus.
  3. Colloquium: Training thrives on personal interaction, and this also applies to our train-the-trainer course. That is why the three-day colloquium is an integral part of the course. On the agenda are topics that cannot be implemented online.

Option B: Intensive Courses in Berlin or Bangkok

If you prefer to take the full course in the classroom, we recommend our intensive courses → Berlin or → Bangkok. Here, all four modules are conducted within 10 days. Course language is English.

Flexibility in sequence, language and location

We offer all modules several times a year in German and English. You can choose between Berlin and Bangkok for the venues. You can combine the modules in any variant and complete your training in one city or combine both cities as you wish. You determine the order of the modules yourself. This means that entry is possible at any time. If you are prevented from attending a scheduled module, you can catch up on it at a later time without additional costs. If you are proficient in both languages, you may freely combine English and German modules, which will give you the utmost flexibility.

Course Material and Documentation

In two modules, you will present your own intercultural training project and receive intensive feedback from the instructor and the group. We will record this presentation for you so that you can make your own personal assessment after the module.


After each completed module, you will receive a certificate of attendance. Once you have attended all four modules, you may register for the separate certification module in which you will take the final exam. The certification requirements are:
  • development of a training concept for a two-day (16 units) intercultural or diversity training
  • presenting a training unit of 45 minutes from your concept in front of a life audiance
  • written exam of about 90 minutes
After their successful examination, graduates receive the DVWO accredited certificate “Intercultural Trainer (BAMIK)”.

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