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Module 1: Concepts of Culture

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Module 2: Course Design

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Module 3: Conflicts in Training

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Module 4: Interc. HR Development

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New online course - you can start anytime

BAMIK's Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course has existed since 2010. Now we are transferring most of the theoretical content to our new online course, where you can work on it in weekly webinars and in flexible self-study courses.

Live webinars

The online course includes 48 teaching units, which are carried out in the form of live webinars. There are six webinars of 90 minutes length (= 2 units) per module, which we hold at weekly intervals. In our webinar schedule for the Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course you will find an overview of all dates and topics.

Self-learning webinars

A lot of theoretical content is provided as asynchronous self-learning webinars in our eCampus. This means that you can take them very flexibly at any time of your convenience. Since the online course is new, it may take until the end of August 2020 until all content for self-learning is available online. Please take this into account, when you sign up.

Scope of the online course

  • 48 training units of live webinars conducted by our senior trainers
  • approx. 20 hours of self-study material 
  • 2 hours of individual coaching
  • Classroom modules and certification are not included in this offer, but can be added later.

Combination with classroom modules

Classroom instruction is very important for a sustainable trainer training and therefore remains part of our program. For the Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course, we offer 1.5 days (12 units) face-to-face lessons for each module. A special form of classroom instruction are our intensive courses in → Berlin (Summer Academy) and → Bangkok (both held in English). Since the theoretical part takes place predominantly in the online course, we use our classroom modules to concentrate on practical exercises, exchange of experience, expansion of methodological competence and the development of a personal profile as a trainer

Trainer certification

In order for a module to be credited towards certification, both parts (classroom and e-learning) have to attended. Trainer certification is not possible if only the online course is taken.

Online course

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USD 1350,00*
incl. 0% DE VAT: USD 0,00*
  • Duration: 48 units of 45 minutes in 24 week live webinars plus additional content for self-learning
  • Course languages: English or German
  • Independent working on course content on our eCampus in accordance with participant's schedule.
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Comprehensive course material
  • Classroom modules and certification can be added at a later time. Extra fees occur.

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