Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course
in Bangkok

Intensive course, December 6-17, 2021

Become a certified intercultural trainer with our two-week intensive Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course. The program is open to English speaking participants from all over the world who would like to combine the intensive and in-depth program with the experience of Thailand.

Modules and Dates:

Online Modules
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Module 1: Concepts of Culture

Module 2: Course Design

Module 3: Conflicts in Training

Module 4: Interc. HR Development

Classroom Modules


Summer Academy in Berlin

Intensive Course in Bangkok

Our Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course in Thailand is designed not only for local participants but from all over the world. In the recent years, we welcomed participants from China, Denmark, Germany, Myanmar, Japan, Thailand, and the United States. The program is ideal for anyone who wants to experience intercultural training in the environment of a completely foreign and fascinating culture.

Of course, we incorporate the experience of being in Thailand into our program. The content and outline of the course are otherwise identical to the Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course we offer in Berlin. Therefore, if you cannot make it for the full two weeks, you may still combine modules in Bangkok and Berlin. This way, you are not only flexible in the scheduling of your course, but can also combine the cultures of two locations in your training as an intercultural trainer.

Bangkok is a thriving city with a rich and varied history. Thailand is a country of vibrant culture and the ideal place to immerse yourself and do our course in a foreign culture. Make sure you combine your trip to Bangkok with some extra days of leisure and cultural exploration!

Dates in 2021

We offer the Intercultural Train-the-trainer Course in Bangkok from December 6th to 17th, 2021. All four modules take place within two weeks (Monday to Friday) as an intensive course. This means that the course can be completed with just one trip to Thailand.

Because of the required preparation, the certification is recommended about 1-2 months after completing the intensive course. The certification can be done online and scheduled at any time.

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