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New priorities

When the entire working environment changes, new topics will have priority in adult education. Topics like "Leadership on Distance" or "Working in Virtual Teams" will be more important. In the same way, classical instruments of Diversity & Inclusion such as "Working from Home" and "Work-Life-Balance" will now be relevant for all employees and not just specific target audiences. Our trainers and experts have many years of experience in these fields and are happy to help in times of transformation.


The good, old classroom training with flipchart and pinboard may not disappear completely but be less relevant in the future. Instead, digital learning concepts will gain importance. We should take this situation also as an opportunity to shift towards these formats that are at the same time more cost efficient, flexible and friendly to the environment. We are therefore currently putting all our energy into digitalizing our course contents.

Selected topics:

Important Courses in times of Coronavirus

Intercultural Communication in Virtual Teams

Improve your interaction on long distance with team members from foreign cultures


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