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Diversity Train-the-Trainer Course

Become a trainer for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

We have been training intercultural trainers since 2010. Now we are adding a new train-the-trainer course to our program for those who want to focus on diversity in the workplace and promote inclusive corporate cultures.

Diversity in the workplace - a key issue of our time

Diversity is part of society. But how do employers reflect that in their corporate culture? The topics of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) have gained considerable importance and attention in recent years. An increasing number of companies and public institutions are rising to the challenge. The need for continuing education at this point is significant.

Talking about difficult topics such as discrimination and harassment, racism and homophobia, or the continuing lack of women in management positions requires methodical and didactic finesse. This is especially true when participants are made aware of their unconscious biases and need to develop strategies for dealing with them. At the end of a diversity training, participants should be able to perceive diversity positively as an advantage.

Practical training for everyone who wants to make diversity a topic

With our modular Diversity Train-the-Trainer Course we support all those who want to work as trainers and multipliers on the topics around Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. Some address the full range of DEIB, others specialize in sub-aspects. In both cases, we provide you with the professional, methodological and didactic tools to develop and deliver sustainable diversity trainings.

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Course Structure

Our modular concept with a lot of flexibility for you

Our Diversity Train-the-Trainer course is divided into four modules that cover the central topics and competencies for trainers with a focus on DEIB. Those who wish to obtain a certificate can afterwards take part in a further certification module with a colloquium. The modules are offered as online courses throughout the year in German and English. In addition, we offer intensive courses in Berlin and Dubai.

The most important at a glance

  • Four self-contained modules on the key topics of diversity training.
  • Mix of online teaching and face-to-face teaching.
  • Face-to-face modules in Berlin and/or Dubai
  • Weekly 90 minutes online course or in 10 days as a compact intensive course.
  • Can be combined with our intercultural trainer training.
  • Languages of instruction: German and/or English
The modular structure makes it particularly flexible for you. The training offers the right mix of theory and practice. You will receive comprehensive teaching material and numerous templates that you can use in your later work as a trainer.

Flexibility with sequence, language and location

We offer all modules several times a year in English and in German. You can choose between the online course or the intensive course in Berlin or Dubai. You can combine the modules in any way you wish. You determine the order of the modules yourself. This means that you can start at any time. If you are unable to attend, you can make up the module at a later date without incurring any additional costs. 

Teaching material and documentation

You will receive comprehensive teaching material for each module. After the module, we will provide you with a photo log, which you can use to review everything.

On two dates, you will also present a training module on a topic of your choice, which will be evaluated in the group. Upon request, we will record the module for you on video, so that you can also make a personal evaluation after the module.


Each module consists of a combination of content, some of which is completed in e-learning and some in face-to-face seminars. The total combined time required for each module is equivalent to approximately 3 days or 24 teaching units (45 minutes each)

M1: Understanding and perceiving diversity

→ Detailed information

M2: Course Design

→ Detailed information

M3: Conflict Resolution

→ Detailed information

M4: DEIB in practice - strategies and tools

→ Detailed information

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Online Course

You can start right away!

In the online course, we conduct the four modules of the course in weekly meetings on Zoom. In addition, there is extensive learning material on our e-learning platform Diversity Webinars as well as the personal get-together in the three-day colloquium.

Weekly meetings

The online course includes 64 teaching units, which are carried out in the form of live meetings. There are eight meetings of 90 minutes length (= 2 units) per module, which we hold every week.

Webinars for self-paced learning

Much of the theoretical content is provided as self-paced webinars on our e-learning platform Diversity Webinars. This means that you can work through the content flexibly according to your personal schedule. We regularly publish new content here, which you can use to keep up to date even after you have completed your program.

Scope of the online course

  • 64 training units in 32 weekly meetings on Zoom
  • 24 training units in the colloquium (face-to-face)
  • 6 training units in 3 weekly meetings for exam preparation on Zoom  
  • 2 hours of individual coaching
  • 20+ hours of material for self-paced learning on Diversity Webinars


The personal encounter and mutual learning with peers are very important for any sustainable train-the-trainer course. Therefore, we offer a special colloquium for the participants of the online course. It is conducted together with the participants of the parallel Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course. Since most of the theoretical instruction takes place online, the colloquium focuses on practical exercises, exchange of experiences, enhancement of methodological skills and the development of the personal profile as a trainer. The colloquium takes place independently of the modules and can be attended at any time. We offer several dates at different locations throughout the year. Participation in the colloquium is a prerequisite for certification by the DVWO.

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Intensive Course in Berlin or Dubai

Do the complete training in just two weeks!

Become a certified diversity trainer with one of our two-week intensive courses. The program is open to English-speaking participants from all over the world who would like to combine the intensive and in-depth training program with a visit to the fascinating cultures of Berlin or Dubai.

In our intensive courses, we conduct all four modules of the train-the-trainer course in two consecutive weeks. It doesn't get more compact than this!
  • New in Dubai: There is no better way to start the new year with some training. Next date: January 8-19, 2024.
  • In Berlin, the intensive course takes place annually at the end of July or beginning of August as a summer academy. Next date: Summer 2024.
Both cities - Berlin and Dubai - are characterized by great cultural diversity, which we will of course explore as part of the Diversity Train-the-Trainer course.

Combining Berlin and Dubai

If you can't decide between Berlin and Dubai, or if you only have one week at a time, you can split the intensive course between the two cities. In this case, you will attend week 1 in one city and week 2 in the other. It does not matter in which order you take the modules. For example, you can do modules 3-4 in Berlin and modules 1-2 later in Dubai - or vice versa.

The program of the intensive course

Week 1:

  • Monday-Wednesday: module 1
  • Wednesday-Friday: Module 2 (together with the Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course)

Week 2:

  • Monday-Wednesday: module 3 (shared with the Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course)
  • Wednesday-Friday: Module 4
You should arrive in Berlin or Dubai the day before, as we start first thing in the morning at 9:00 am. The weekend is at your (and our) free disposal!

Certification after the intensive course

Please note that certification does not take place during the intensive course, but a few weeks or months apart. The certification includes the development of a training concept, for which you should plan some working time. The participants of the intensive courses are certified together with those of the online course on several dates during the year. It is not necessary to travel to Berlin or Dubai again for this.

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Document your expertise with an internationally recognized certificate!

After completion of the course, certification takes place with the German Dachverband der Weiterbildungsorganisationen e.V. (DVWO). Upon successful completion of the examination module, our graduates receive the certificate DVWO certified Diversity Trainer (BAMIK).

For each completed module you will receive a certificate of attendance. Once you have attended all four modules, you may register for the separate certification module. Participants of the online course must also have attended the colloquium. The exam performance includes:
  • A written paper (training concept) of approximately 30 pages
  • A training module of 45 minutes, which is conducted with the training group
  • An examination talk of about 20 minutes


Our cooperation with the DVWO guarantees that you will be certified by a neutral (!), Europe-wide recognized institution of the education industry and their strict quality guidelines.

The DVWO was founded in 2002 as a professional representation for the professional interests of continuing education and is an association of continuing education organizations representing over 10,000 members. The members of the DVWO member organizations are predominantly trainers, consultants and coaches who are independent sole proprietors in the day-to-day practice of continuing education. The DVWO unites approximately eighty per cent of the organized training further and strives in the dialogue with economics, politics and science the codetermination with the political will formation for further training topics. It is the central task of the umbrella organization to help shape developments that affect the professional conditions of continuing education.

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Online Modules

Module 1: Understanding and perceptions of diversity

Module 2: Course Design

Module 3: Conflicts in Training

Module 4: DEIB in Practice - Strategies and Tools

Currently, no date is scheduled. If you want to be informed about the next date first, drop us a message.

Classroom Modules


  • 11 Oct - 13 Oct 2024, Berlin, Germany

Summer Academy in Berlin

Intensive Course in Dubai

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Pricing & Registration

We offer several options for participation in the Diversity Train-the-Trainer Course.
  • If you wish to obtain a certificate, we recommend the option "Online course with colloquium and certification" or one of the intensive courses in Berlin or Dubai.
  • If you would like to combine the Diversity Train-the-Trainer Course with the Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course (six modules in total), you can also book this as part of a cost-effective package.
  • If you have already completed the Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course of BAMIK or the BAMIK Trainer Academy or are still in the process of completing the training there, you can book the two missing modules as well.
  • If you only want to learn the contents and do not want to obtain a certificate, you can also register for the online course only. A later addition of the colloquium and the certification is possible at any time for an additional fee.

Combination package with Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course (six modules)

Online course with colloquium and certification

Intensive Course in Berlin or Dubai with certification

Online course (without certification)

Upgrade for graduates of the intercultural train-the-trainer course

Upgrade to colloquium and certification

Course language

English / German

English / German


English / German

English / German

English / German

Number of full days (classroom)







Number of online meetings (Zoom)







Total scope (teaching units)







Modules can be attended in any order.



You can start your course at any time.


Independent working on course content on our eCampus in accordance with participant's schedule.





Certificate of attendance

Certificate of attendance


Beverages, snacks and lunch



Course Fee

VAT-free in accordance with Art. 4, 21, a, bb UStG (German VAT Act).

4,190 US$ *

3,190 US$ *

3,190 US$ *

2,190 US$ *

1,350 US$ *

1,350 US$ *


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