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Modular structure

The ILDP comprises 17 modules on three levels. Each module is a stand-alone course of 1.5 days (18 training units) that focuses on one important aspect of leadership. Participants may attend the modules in any sequence on one level. This way, the ILDP can accommodate even the busiest participants.

We usually offer two or three modules combined in one week. Participants can join for just one module or do all modules that week and save travel time.

The ILDP’s international approach differentiates it from all other openly-accessible leadership development programs. We offer all modules in Germany and Thailand. The course is taught in English. Therefore, participants may complete their program locally in one place or combine modules in different cities.

Three levels of leadership

The modules are arranged on three levels: supervisory, management, and executive. These levels reflect the tiers of leadership that are commonly used in larger organizations. Employers sending their young leaders to participate in the ILDP would usually do so for one of these levels. With three modules being conducted in one week, participants can complete all modules of their level in just two weeks of instruction. Between these two weeks of live classroom instruction, we recommend a phase of reflection and practical application.

E-Learning resources and project assignments

Between the live classroom modules, we provide participants with comprehensive online resources to deepen their knowledge. Participants at each level will be assigned a short project to apply the modules’ theoretical contents to practice. These assignments will be given to international groups with participants from around the world who will have to build virtual project teams.


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