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Intercultural Training Great Britain / United Kingdom

Intercultural training for anyone who works with the British

Regardless of current political directions, the United Kingdom is an outward-looking power that is ecconomically engaged in many world regions. Therefore, a good understanding of the British will benefit many in business. BAMIK offers specialized training for anyone who will be working with British colleagues, whether in the United Kingdom or elsewhere.

The United Kingdom is a multicultural society that reflects the British Isles’ long history of migration  from European and Commonwealth countries. It exists now as a complex network of religious, political, and national affiliations, and the very nature of “British identity” can itself be somewhat contradictory. Such identities outside of England can be fiercely nationalistic and surprising for anyone who equates “British” with “English.” Other factors such as social class remain influential and can cause confusion for those working with the British.

Although “British culture” and cultural exports are known worldwide, working in Britain or doing business with the British can pose numerous challenges. BAMIK’s training provides you with tested strategies to help you navigate these challenges. This includes understanding the nuances in the British style of communication and levels of formality and directness, and how these apply to verbal and written communication.

BAMIK’s country-specific training on the United Kingdom offers proven strategies and state-of-the-art know-how delivered in an entertaining and sustainable manner. Our training enables you to develop strategies to act appropriately in various situations that are based on a deeper understanding of British culture. Applying these strategies to your specific situation will help you achieve greater success!

Custom-tailored Great Britain-Training for your organization!

You have a project in Great Britain or are preparing a relocation to this country? Our certified team of experts supports you with a training program tailored to your needs. In order for the collaboration with your British partners, clients or colleagues to be successful right away, we should talk about a few topics. The most relevant topics include:
  • Basic knowledge of British culture
  • Cultural comparison between Great Britain and your home country
  • Business communication with British partners, clients, or colleagues
  • Living and working in Great Britain
  • "Culture-shock Great Britain" - Strategies to deal with the cultural difference
A thorough need analysis will determine which topics will be addressed in the training. In all this, we will certainly adjust to the level of experience that you or the participants have with the British culture.

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