Conflict Resolution in Intercultural and Diversity Training

Module 3 of the Intercultural/Diversity Train-the-Trainer Course
07 Oct - 25 Nov 2024, Zoom

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In this module, we will discuss real conflict situations collected in years of training experience. These will be reviewed in case studies and interventions will be developed by the group. One problem which may arise in intercultural training is, for example, a lack of acceptance of topic or of the trainer on the part of the group. Situations like these require smart strategies.

We analyze intercultural conflicts from two perspectives: We look at conflicts that triggered the training in the first place as well as those, which arise during a seminar. You will learn how to identify the causes for conflicts, keeping in mind that the core of the problem is in fact is not always of an intercultural nature.

We look at the process of conflicts from a cross-cultural perspective. This includes a comparison of various models of group dynamics and escalation/de-escalation strategies.

Complaint management for trainers as well as available channels for neutral arbitration and a short introduction to intercultural mediation are further elements of the module.

As in all modules, participants will be invited to present their own training units. In this module, however, we will add some conflict simulations, thus giving you an opportunity to practice your conflict resolution skills on within the protected environment of this course.

Topics discussed:

  • "Intercultural conflicts in training" or "Conflicts in intercultural training"`?
  • Causes of conflicts and conflict anticipation
  • The role of culture in conflicts
  • Fundamental skills in handling disruptions within the group
  • Adapting training targets in case of conflicts
  • Acceptance problems of the trainer
  • Transaction analysis from an intercultural perspective

Train-the-Trainer Course (module):
  • 07 Oct - 25 Nov 2024
  • 16 units (45 min) in 8 days
Online Event:
  • Meetings will be held on Zoom.
Course Fee:
  • 990.00 US$ *
    No VAT due to client in third country. The reverse charge system applies.

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