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We offer this in-company training to private and public corporate clients of all sizes. Wherever you are, we come to you. Worldwide! Scope and content of the program will be adjusted to the needs of your organization.

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Talking about our own biases can be challenging. However, reflection and identification of these biases can enable us to modify our behaviour and become better, more inclusive leaders in our interactions with colleagues, employees and business partners.

Bias is a fact of human psychology. Built up over years of conscious and unconscious experiences, it shapes our attitudes and perceptions of others and influences our actions. Dealing with unconscious bias is challenging because of its very nature – it is difficult to admit that we have biases when we are not aware of them.

This can therefore be a sensitive topic. However, identifying and overcoming bias is a vital step for leaders to build an inclusive environment in their workplace. Inclusive leadership enables the development and sustainable success of diverse teams in which all members are equally valued. It also enables accurate assessment and understanding of interactions with business partners.

BAMIK’s unconscious bias training takes a non-judgmental approach to encourage participants to reflect on their unconscious biases and develop strategies to overcome these. The benefits of doing so are numerous for oneself, one’s employer and one’s colleagues.

Topics discussed:

  • What is unconscious bias?
  • Unconscious bias something we all share
  • How bias affects interactions with colleagues, employees and business partners
  • Identifying biases
  • Overcoming unconscious bias
  • Overcoming biases
  • Moderating behavior
  • Inclusive leadership

This course is ideal for:

  • Professionals who want to be more inclusive leaders
  • Anyone who wants to promote D&I within an organization

Your benefits:

  • Learn how to identify your unconscious biases
  • Understand the effect of these biases
  • Develop strategies to overcome biases and promote inclusive behavior

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