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How to get this training:

We offer this in-company training to private and public corporate clients of all sizes. Wherever you are, we come to you. Worldwide! Scope and content of the program will be adjusted to the needs of your organization.

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Our course gives teachers, trainers and administrative staff of educationanal institutions a solid introduction to diversity and inclusion. It was specially designed to meet the criteria of Erasmus+. However, also participants without funding through this program are welcome to join.

Topics discussed:

  • Theory of Diversity and Inclusion
  • History of diversity management
  • Legal aspects (anti discrimination laws etc.)
  • From diversity to inclusion
  • Benefits of diversity and inclusion
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Gender
  • Regional preferences defining categories of diversity
  • Little differences and their (big) social implications
  • Categories of Diversity
  • Visit of a mosque in Berlin-Kreuzberg
  • Multicultural societes in comparison (Germany, United Kingdom, France, Canada)
  • Visit of a school in Berlin with a high percentage of immigrant children
  • Ethnic background and national culture
  • Multiculturalism and Religion
  • Blind dinner in a dark restaurant (meal is not included in course fee)
  • Visit of a school in Berlin in which children with disability are included
  • Lifelong learning: developing training for the generation 50+
  • The demographic change and its impact on the labour market
  • Age and Disability
  • Transfer to Educational Practice
  • Diversity and inclusion as part of educational culture
  • Teambuilding in diverse teams
  • Closing workshop: concepts and methods

This course is ideal for:

  • work in education.
  • deal with diverse students and participants.
  • want to get a thorough introduction to diversity and inclusion.

Your benefits:

  • Get a thorough introduction to theory and practice of diversity and inclusion.
  • Experience best practice D&I work during our excursions in Berlin.
  • Develop comprehensive strategies for your work as educators.

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