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Living and Working in India

Intercultural training for Westerners moving to India

Increasing numbers of German companies are doing business in India. However, for many Westerners, communicating with Indians can be challenging and confusing. Our India-focused training gives you the knowledge and tools for success when interacting with your Indian contacts.

Cross-cultural collaboration between India and Germany is increasing and business opportunities are varied and exciting. However, Germans who do business in India can often find themselves facing numerous challenges, whether in meeting deadlines, leading meetings, or sometimes even getting a straight answer. Sometimes the differences can seem unsurmountable and overwhelming.

BAMIK’s course Living and Working in India will help you to understand the cultural differences that underpin these behavioral differences. This awareness will enable you to navigate Indian business culture and avoid the kind of culture shock that can be fatal to many business enterprises. Understanding the differences in communication styles and attitudes to time, interpersonal relationships and hierarchies will allow you to build strategies that enable you to conduct business in India smoothly and without misunderstandings.

This course was designed for the specific German-Indian perspective and helps you to develop the tools to make sense of this remarkable country and develop strategies to successfully conduct business there. It provides you with the background knowledge and understanding of Indian culture to better adapt and understand your colleagues and business con-tacts.

for your organization!

You have a project in India or are preparing a relocation to this country? Our certified team of experts supports you with a training program tailored to your needs. In order for the collaboration with your Indian partners, clients or colleagues to be successful right away, we should talk about a few topics. The most relevant topics include:
  • Basic knowledge of Indian culture
  • Cultural comparison between India and your home country
  • Business communication with Indian partners, clients, or colleagues
  • Living and working in India
  • "Culture-shock India" - Strategies to deal with the cultural difference
A thorough need analysis will determine which topics will be addressed in the training. In all this, we will certainly adjust to the level of experience that you or the participants have with the Indian culture.

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