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Living and Working in Germany

Introduction to German (business) culture

Have you moved to Germany or will you be starting a new job here and want to gain a better understanding of German culture?  Our Germany-focused training gives you the knowledge and tools to succeed in your new environment!

Engineering, health care, IT, ... Professionals and academics from all sectors and all around the world move to Germany every year. Although they all come from different cultural, occupational, and linguistic backgrounds, all face similar challenges in adapting to living and working in Germany.

BAMIK’s course "Living and Working in Germany" enables you to develop the skills to get used to daily life and business culture in your new environment. This includes finding new ways to interact with colleagues, give and receive feedback, and understand leadership styles. These skills will help you to do all this while adapting to life outside of work without feeling overwhelmed.

Through this course, you can develop the tools and strategies to make sense of your new environment and develop strategies for a successful start. The course provides you with the background knowledge and understanding of German culture to better adapt to work in Germany and understand your colleagues and company.

Topics discussed:

  • Understanding German Culture
  • What is culture? A short intro to intercultural communication.
  • Central values of the German society.
  • Multicultural Germany: The role of immigrants in the society and Germans' way of meeting foreigners.
  • Germans and their special relationship to their history
  • Hierarchy and direct communication
  • The obsession about punctuality and other rules
  • Task vs. relationship orientation: A comparison of expectations
  • Dos and don'ts in German work life
  • German Business Culture
  • The German public administration - how to deal with the authorities

This course is ideal for:

  • Anyone new in Germany
  • Those who want to understand German business culture
  • Professionals who frequently work with German business partners, even if they themselves don't live in Germany

Your benefits:

  • Learn the essentials of German (business) culture
  • Gain more confidence when dealing with Germans colleages or administration
  • Understand the essential rules of communication in Germany

Available options for this course

Online Course (Self-Study)

Interactive webinars for independent study in our learning environment. Entry possible at any time. After completion there is a certificate of participation.
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Zoom Meeting (3 hrs)

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In-company training

Training program tailored to your needs with a trainer from our team. The content, duration and number of participants can be flexibly adjusted.
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