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Introduction to the German University System

Training for Indian students on succeeding at German universities

The German university system is renowned for its high quality and its qualifications are recognized worldwide. However, it differs greatly from the system in India and can be confusing for Indian students. Many suffer culture shock because they are not properly prepared and their work suffers. This course provides you with knowledge of the German system and helps you to understand expectations for students that are vital for your success as soon as you arrive!

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Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience. The opportunity to attend a university in another country offers the chance to learn about another culture, make new friends and develop skills in facing new challenges. Studying anywhere new presents challenges, especially regarding the uni-versity system and living as a student. This is particularly true in Germany, where the system and expectations can be very different to those in India.

This one-day course on practical skills for success in German universities equips attendees with the knowledge that will help them make the most of their studies in Germany without spending time trying to understand the German system. In addition to the increased confidence this brings, it also means that students will perform better, manage their time more appropriately, and meet their German lecturers' expectations.

This course is led by a German trainer who teaches at a leading technical university in Germany. He understands both the cultural differences between India and Germany and the unique characteristics of German universities. Using this knowledge, he offers practical tips to attendees so that they can develop strategies to achieve success during their time in Germany!

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