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Studying and Working with Germans

Training for Indian students on developing skills for success in Germany

Any student who wishes to study or work in Germany must be aware of the cultural differences between the two countries. Regardless of your goals, the cultural challenges that you will face when interacting with Germans will be similar. Understanding the differences between India and Germany will allow you to avoid culture shock and build strategies for success!

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Germany is a popular study and business destination for Indians. Its renowned university system and strong economy make is an ideal place to study or begin your international career, but cultural differences between India and Germany can cause many problems including culture shock, misun-derstandings, and study or business failures.

BAMIK's course Studying and Working with Germans combines our expertise in intercultural training with our German background to offer insightful advice and information to participants. We deliver state-of-the-art academic research in an engaging and entertaining style that enables Indian students to develop strategies to live, study and work successfully with Germans, whether in India or Germany.

Our trainers understand Indian culture and know what is important for Indian students. BAMIK has specially adapted this course for an Indian audience to ensure that all participants will get the maximum benefit from it.

Through this course, anyone who goes to study or work in Germany or works with Germans in India can avoid potential intercultural misunderstandings. You will develop an understanding of how Indian and German cultures differ in attitudes towards time, communication and hierarchies. Our training enables you to develop strategies to minimize culture shock, identify these differences and minimize their impact if they arise. Doing so will enable you to be successful!

Topics discussed:

  • How people in Germany and India process and understand information
  • Perceptions and stereotypes and their effect on thought patterns
  • Time management: punctuality, relationship-building and multitasking
  • Overcoming misunderstandings because of direct and indirect communication styles
  • Intercultural competence and its importance
  • Minimizing culture shock
  • Breakout sessions for those studying in Germany and those working with Germans: developing strategies for success!

This course is ideal for:

  • Students who want to study in Germany
  • Students who want to work in Germany after graduating
  • Students who will work with Germans in India, whether as colleagues or as customers

Your benefits:

  • Avoid misunderstandings when interacting with Germans
  • Develop the skills to act in the right way in different situations
  • Learn how to address your university lecturers and fellow students or boss and colleagues appropriately
  • Develop self-reliance and self-motivation
  • For those who will study in Germany: understand how to drive your own study and meet deadlines
  • For those who will work with Germans: develop the ability to integrate into your new work environment smoothly and quickly
  • Beat culture shock and fulfil your potential

Available options for this course

Zoom Meeting (3 hrs)

Live online training with a trainer from our team. Date and time will be coordinated individually. Price per group of up to 10 people.
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No VAT due to client in third country. The reverse charge system applies.
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