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Negotiating in a Foreign Environment

Develop the cross-cultural communication skills to negotiate appropriately with your international business partners

Negotiating with international business partners can be challenging. It is necessary to show appropriate levels of confidence and empathy, but these differ depending on who you are negotiating with. This course will help you to understand the needs of your contacts and develop strategies for successful negotiation.

In this course, you will learn all the important steps to conduct targeting and confident negotiations. You will develop your social and communicative competences and your appearance and self-assurance in dealing with your international partners. The training will improve your skills and strategies for negotiating and you will learn how to reach sustainable win-win-situations.

You will learn how to bring your own and your negotiating partner’s interests to the same level. Furthermore, you will acquire strategies to be determined and assertive but at the same time friendly and respectful in your communication. The aim is to keep the long-term goal in mind and achieve the best possible result.

This interactive seminar includes active assignments that guarantee the greatest possible learning success. The course is developed and given by trainers with experience in international negotiations, who can provide insightful advice that will benefit you in future negotiations.

Topics discussed:

  • Intercultural Communication in Negotiations
  • International comparison of communication and negotiation styles
  • Direct and indirect communication styles
  • Saying "yes" and meaning "no"?
  • Commitment and reliability
  • Negotiation Strategies
  • Understanding and integrating expectations
  • Offering and accepting hospitality: the proper context for the negotiation
  • The importance of saving and giving face
  • Exercises on formulations

This course is ideal for:

  • All who have to negotiate with partners from different cultures
  • Sales personnel with an international client base

Your benefits:

  • Reflect on your own communication style in negotiations
  • Learn to react to your partners' hidden signals
  • Develop strategies to act appropriately in international negotiations

Available options for this course

Online Course (Self-Study)

Interactive webinars for independent study in our learning environment. Entry possible at any time. After completion there is a certificate of participation.
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Zoom Meeting (3 hrs)

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In-company training

Training program tailored to your needs with a trainer from our team. The content, duration and number of participants can be flexibly adjusted.
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