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Group licenses and learning management

Our self-learning courses for employers

Sometimes the training need is a bit higher. In this case, employers will benefit from special group conditions and a convenient learning management system for the administration of participants.

Option 1:

Access to webinars on our eCampus

Smaller teams and organizations that do not have their own learning management system can access the content on our eCampus. Each participant will be provided with a personal access to this platform and be a able to take the courses.

Group license for employers

If you want to provide a self-learning course to a group of participants, we have prepared special group license packages for you. The scaled price is shown on the respective course page.

Manage participants and monitor progress

Designated group administrators from your organization (usually the HR department) can conveniently manage their participants.
  • Once you have booked a course for your group, the contingent of licenses will be added to your LMS account.
  • You can add participants to the account and assign them to the course. Each participant will receive his or her own user account to access the eCampus and work on the content.
  • You don't have to use all licenses at once, but can assign new participants at any time later.
  • Track the learning progress of your participants.
  • You will be notified as soon as a participant as completed the course. Afterwards, you can download a certificate of attendance for the personnel file.
Option 2:

Integration to your company's own LMS

Your organization has it's own learning management system (LMS)? Great! All our content can be integrated to most standard LMS environments.

Unlimited use within the organization

Once integrated to your LMS, learning managers can use all the features that support tracking of your participant's learning progress. The content can be viewed / used by all members of your organization.

Customized content

When you integrate our content to your LMS, we will support you with a several options to make it the best fit for your learners. These include: 
  • Customized agenda
  • Webinars exclusively produced for your organization
  • Webinars in your corporate design

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